1. shalom UBracha

    We are from Netanya, Israel and we will stay in Nice between 13/09 – 19/09.
    We will a total of 14 persons (2 families)
    The airbnb that our family rented is closed to the ACI Synagogue Ezrat Ahim

    I want to check if there are Mynianim in the weekdays and for shabat in this synagogue.
    What are the times?
    On Shabath, there is a kidush o meals in the synagogue that we can participate? Any cost?
    If not, when you can suggest to order meals and eat on Shabath.

    I will appreciate your soon response.

    Many Thanks

    Kol Tuv

    Shimon Tinman

  2. Le secrétaire,


    Cher Monsieur / Madame,

    Mon épouse et moi avons l’intention de passer le shabbat du 13 au 14 Septembre à Nice et souhaitons assister aux offices dans votre Synagogue.
    Puisque nous ne portons pas d’articles le shabbat, trouvez ci-inclus

    une copie de nos passeports israéliens à l’intention de votre

    personnel de sécurité.

    S’il vous plaît laissez-moi savoir si vous souhaitez plus d’informations.


    Stuart Cohen (Professeur)

  3. Shalom, shalom!

    My name is Anna Goldman. I was invited to France for a couple of events by Mr. Francis Kalifat (CRIF). I am going to be in Nice from September 29 up until October 4.
    I would like to join prayers in the synagogue and/or some events if any (presentations, lectures, seminars, etc.). Could you please suggest me certain events and provide with information regarding the shul schedule.
    Many thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,
    Anna Goldman

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